Pupils that have been diagnosed with NLD may have problems with packing their schoolbags and taking the correct books to school every day. To help them, I made the "Huiswerkkast", in English it could be called something like "Homework rack". It's made of MDF and is a little over 150cm wide and some 70cm high.

It has 5 columns ( the schooldays ) and each column has 9 boxes ( each 30 cm wide and 6 cm high ). The  boxes represent the subjects the pupils have at school that day . ( In Holland we have 5 schooldays and each day has a different timetable. So every day they have to take different books to school, which may be very confusing to them. ) The boxes are labelled according to their timetable.

When the pupil comes home from school on Monday, he does his homework and after that he puts the books in the Homework rack. Each set of books is placed in the Homework rack in the box that represents the next time he has that subject. By doing this, he empties his schoolbag and he fills the Homework rack. Resulting in that the only thing he has to do to take the proper set of books to school, is emptying the Homework rackcolumn for the next day. This is repeated every schoolday of course.

It helped some pupils a great deal and meanwhile my solution was published in a Dutch magazine and more people have built a Homework rack themselves. I thought it would be a nice idea to let you know how people all over the world are coping with the problems NLD causes. I do not know if my solution is of any relevance to you because it may only work with our educational system.

Kind regards,

Jan Verest

The Netherlands